12 May 2021-Message from Principal to Students Teachers and Parents May 21

Dear students, teachers and parents,

Greetings to you from DBTI, Okhla!

 Hope you and all your family members are fine and safe.

It is a fact that Covid-19 has hit everyone whether rich or poor, young or old, badly and this time it is worse than that of 2020. The whole of India is struggling to overcome the pandemic and the problems caused by the same. I am sure you are following up the news of what is happening across India especially in Delhi. Some of us might have lost some of our dear ones and close friends. Kindly take all the necessary precautions so as to be safe and at the same time follow instructions given by the concerned authorities from time to time. Let us remember that going to hospital, taking medicines, availability of oxygen and ventilators do not prevent the pandemic from spreading. Sometimes even panic and fear can lead one to dangerous situations. Overall it is important to follow the simple rules of social distancing, washing hands, wearing mask always even when you are alone as the virus is airborne, sanitizing, going out only when necessary, not going to restaurants, and sharing food with friends and other basic precautions. Though it is not 100% efficacious, it is important to go for a vaccine so that we are less vulnerable to Covid-19. Let us remember prevention is better than cure.

Most of the teachers are engaged in online classes and I know that the teachers are trying their best to be in touch with the students. But some are not attending the online classes due to some reasons. It is important that those who are not able to attend, need to get in touch with the teachers and try to sort out the issues so that all benefit from the online classes. It is not certain when the institute will reopen due to the prevailing covid-19 facts which you are all aware. As soon as we get green signal from the concerned department regarding the resumption of the classes, the same shall be communicated to you. Let us all hope for the best.

During the past couple of months, we have lost a few who are dear to us. Ashwani Massey of mechanical section who passed out from DBTI in 2016 died of Covid-19. Lakhan of present CVE offset 1 lost his father. Noel Tete of GD 1 lost his father. Nemha Lakra of H/ware lost his mother. Divjyot of CVEGD2 lost his mother. Aman Gaurav Lakra (M2) lost his mother. Mihir of BCA lost his mother. We pray that God may bless them all.

At this time of calamity caused by Covid-19, it is important to invoke the blessings of the Almighty God that the sufferings may end soon especially in our country and everyone may look forward for a better tomorrow.



Br Tom C J, Principal, DBTI, Okhla.

12TH May 2021

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