21 Jun 2021-Relief for the Lockdown Affected

It is high time that the have nots are to be paid much attention due to the very fact of the prevailing situation which is quite alarming. Everyone knows that COVID-19 is taking its toll on the world, causing deaths, illnesses and economic despair especially in the poorer countries. In fact, it is impacting global poverty and one can very well argue that it is pushing about 40-60 million people into extreme poverty. When looking at the impact of the pandemic on higher poverty lines, for example, the number of people living on less than Rs.250 or Rs.400 per day, more than 100 million people will be pushed into poverty.

What would happen if COVID-19 changes inequality in countries? We know that low-income workers are more likely to lose their jobs as a result of COVID-19, but what does this imply for the poor in the third world countries, many of whom are subsistence farmers? And what about the many emergency packages countries have implemented to assist the most vulnerable households? COVID-19 will likely impact countries’ inequalities differently.

The management of DBTI, Okhla, was concerned indeed to see the precarious condition of many living in the nearby areas. Some of the staff and past pupils took an active part in identifying those who really needed help. Thanks to the generosity of some of the agencies and individuals who were generous in contributing for the genuine cause. The institute helped out over 140 families with ration in its neighborhood and over 70 families in the slums of Okhla Mor in the last week of May. Another 100 families were helped out with ration in Faridabad in the first week of June. So, it comes to a total of 310 families. The families were eternally grateful for the help that they had received. As they were receiving the ration kits, we could see a sigh of relief on their faces which shows that they were really in need. During the distribution everyone was asked to take care of the necessary precautions like wearing mask, using sanitizers, maintaining social distancing and so on.

Our heartfelt gratitude to the agencies and individuals who generously contributed for the support of the needy. Mr. Simon who is one of our past pupils and Mr. Jerry Bilung who is one of the teachers of Don Bosco, Okhla spent a lot of time and energy to identify many of the needy families as well as for the distribution of the ration.

The second wave caused much more havoc than that of the first wave in India. As of now the situation is improving gradually but there is a talk of the third wave which is going to affect the younger ones. Where do we go? How do we manage? Is everyone going to be vaccinated soon? These are the questions still unanswered. There is a saying that experience is the best teacher. Rightly so everyone knows now for over a year what this pandemic is and so the necessary preparedness to tide over the situation is very important. 

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