10 Aug 2023-NEW TRAINING SESSION 2023-24

“In a global economy, where the most valuable skill you can sell is your knowledge, a good education is no longer just a pathway to opportunity, it is a prerequisite.” — Barack Obama

10th August 2023 was an auspicious day for the new trainees who took admission in the institute from various parts of the country. They were all well in time for the assembly. Some teachers were at the gate to receive them with warm greetings. In fact, the best way for management, teachers, and principals to welcome students is with endearing words. The power of words is magical and plays a decisive role in moulding students. A thoughtful message that is uplifting and motivating has a profound effect on students. Students feel happy when they are greeted with a positive message.

The second year trainees took initiative to prepare a grand welcome for the new comers. The official welcome and inauguration of the new session was on 16th August which was coincided with the birth day of Don Bosco. The trainees gathered in the hall at 12.30 P M. Bhoomika Saini and Ashish Shyjan were on the stage to welcome them before the lighting of the lamp and prayer song. Fr. Sajan M George the Director of the institute welcomed them. He told them to put their heart and soul in all that they do right at the start as all the support systems are available to nurture them in their pursuit of growth and development. The cultural program included welcome song, words of welcome by Moses Anthony and two beautiful and lively dances which mesmerized the entire audience; one by the second year trainees and the other by the girls of COPA course. During the program the Director introduced the Salesian staff to all the trainees and later on the Principal introduced the teaching staff to the new trainees.

The principal expressed his gratitude to the organizers under the able guidance of Fr. Anbarasan. He also had words of appreciation for the performers and told them to perform well not only in cultural events but also in the training and all other activities that would be organized in the future. This was followed by the explanation of all the rules and regulations from the institute diary. Besides these other general instructions too were given pertaining to the training and institute. A video clip on the institute training program and activities was played on the screen. The last Newsletter (July issue 2023) of the institute was also displayed on the screen to give an overall picture of programs and activities of the past few months. At the end of the program everyone was given sweets (Laddu) and they were happy indeed as they left for home early at 3.00 P M.

It is the responsibility of management and staff to instil a sense of optimism and joy in students with words that inspire them. A few genuine words and acts of kindness go a long way in shaping the lives of students. Mentors are always remembered for their kindness and selfless service.

Mr. Sanjeet Kumar, Instructor of Graphic Design

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