22 Dec 2022-DBTI Christmas Celebrations 2022

The students of DBTI were very enthusiastic to celebrate the festival of Christmas and so the preparations had begun well in advance. The Christmas gathering of DBTI was held on 22nd December at 10.30 a m. The students were told to come in casuals and this added to their joy and enthusiasm. Pratibha and Gerald anchored the program quite efficiently. The day’s program begun with cutting of the Christmas cake by the principal followed by carol singing and the drama in which the announcement and arrival of the son of God on earth 2000 years ago was presented to everyone present. Br. Tom C J, the principal in his message told everyone to have an attitude of sharing of joy and peace with family, relations, friends and neighbors. Fr. Sajan M George, the Director of the institute spoke on the occasion and he told everyone to be enthusiastic and happy and look forward to the new year with lot of hope and clear goals.

There was lottery organized for which coupons were already sold. Mr.  Sanjeet and team took initiative to see to the details of the lottery. After the lottery, the Christmas Papa appeared for a few moments of dance and fun and everyone enjoyed the presence of Santa. As soon as Santa left, there was a lucky dip in which everyone received something or other as gift. Everyone was given an institute calendar each as well as Christmas cake. A group of students stayed back for further fun and dancing after the program. Fr. Abhay Beck coordinated the entire program and the hostel boys gave all the necessary support in terms of decorations, crib and hall arrangements.

Christmas is a time of joy, peace and warmth bringing people together in an atmosphere of friendship and love. Christmas is indeed a universal festival and everyone celebrates the same one way or other. Christmas is said to be the most wonderful time of the year when people across the world come together to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ. According to the Christians it is believe that God had sent his son on earth as a sacrifice to redeem the people of the world from their sins. It is not only the celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ but also the spirit of giving and affection celebrated across faiths. For Christians there is a spiritual preparation besides the external lighting and decorations.

The past pupils of DBTI had a celebration Christmas at 2.30 on 18th December and over fifty past pupils were present besides a number of present pupils. The cultural events including carols, singing and a skit which presented the event which lead to the arrival of Jesus on earth two thousand years ago. The alumni too sang carols towards the end and the program concluded by 5.00 p m with tea and Christmas cake.

The Christmas gathering of DBTI enriched the Christian trainees as well as the trainees of other religions as they got a fare idea of what the Christmas is. In fact, some had thought that Christmas means the coming of Santa with gifts. The trainees of other religions were enlightened on the importance and meaning of Christmas. Christmas season leading to the new year is a time when everyone feels happy and rejuvenated irrespective of religion or region. May the spirit of Christmas keep us all united in peace and joy and take us all to a new year with lots of hope and prosperity.

Mr.Vaman Kujur, Instructor, COPA.

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