Don Bosco’s Feast Day was celebrated with great enthusiasm and gaiety by the trainees and staff of Don Bosco Technical Institute. On 30th There was a cultural program with dances, songs and other attractive presentations. The performers on the stage were incredible indeed. Fr. Ashok Kujur, the delegate for Social Communications, was the Chief Guest on the occasion and his speech touched up on the life of Don Bosco’s struggles in life and how he had overcome all that difficulties from early age onwards. He very well connected the life of Don Bosco with the life of each youngster present in the hall. The trainees were overwhelmed after listening to the talk of Fr. Ashok. The dances on the stage by boys and girls mesmerized the entire audience. At the end of the program Br. Tom, the Principal was all appreciation for the performers. He thanked Fr. Abhay and team for the hard work put in to make the day a successful one. Everyone was given sweets at the end of the program which lasted about eighty minutes.

The celebrations continued on 31st January. The day began with Holy Mass in the chapel and Fr. Ashok was the main celebrant. He gave a talk during the mass and everyone was very attentive to the same as he gave some real life input which connected to the life of Don Bosco. The chapel was full with teachers, Christian students, non-teaching staff and few students belonging other religions. After the mass there was a variety entertainment in the playground by way of different types of fun games; filling the bottle, bursting the balloon, fun games with rubber bands, tug of war, etc.  There was so much of laugher and enjoyment during the fun games. Most of the games were new for the students and they actively participated. Teachers too joined the trainees and this added joy to the entire ambient. Fr. Abhay together with Mr. Sanjeet and few hostel boys planned the day’s program and it was a fabulous day indeed. I am sure that everyone will cherish the day’s entertainment for a long time. Lunch was served at 1.00 p m for all after which many stayed back for dancing in groups which they enjoyed to the full.

Activities, celebrations, fun games, stage entertainment, music, etc are part and parcel of the growth of an individual. Don Bosco institutions give so much importance to the holistic development of students by way of different activities as mentioned above.  It allows you to assess the students as an individual, and understand what they have achieved, and what they have not achieved, by looking at how the developmental areas link up and how progress in one area can affect progress in another area. I am sure these past three days of celebrations and activities including the quiz program on 28th January have taken the students on the whole to a higher level of thinking and understanding in the pursuit of a bright future.

Br. Jerom Bilung

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