“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world”-Nelson Mandela


The academic excellence and reputation of any institution depends on the quality of education and training imparted. The much awaited convocation ceremony is a living proof of the quality of education that has been imparted to the students. This occasion makes one realize that this is a shift into reality. Graduation becomes a significant milestone in one’s life, a symbol of change, development, and the beginning of new experiences. The certification one earned is more than just a piece of paper; it's proof that one can complete tasks and see them through to completion. That tiny piece of paper is proof that one has what it takes, whether a person is making his way up the corporate ladder or into the family company. More than certificates or papers, the feeling of accomplishment is what is more important. The day of the convocation is a day to pat one’s own back and feel proud of how far he has come.


17th September 2022 was a significant day in the history of Don Bosco Technical Institute, Okhla, New Delhi as it had its first official convocation for the Alumni of 2022 batch who just completed their training and passed. The ceremony started with lighting of the lamp by the dignitaries. The principal was invited to the stage and he officially opened the convocation ceremony of Don Bosco technical Institute. This was followed by an official introduction and welcome address by the principal during which he also welcomed the dignitaries with bouquet of flowers. Mr. Subhash Gautam, Head-HR & IEC advisor for MCD, Central Zone, Delhi was the Chief Guest. The following were the guests of honour; Mr. Roger Samuel, Vice President of Q.Q. Lamps Manufacturing Co. Ltd; Mr Mathew Zacharia, Associate Vice President of NIIT Limited, Gurgaon; Mr. Sunil Dutt Sharma, Director of Shri Balaji Mining & Mineral Ltd. All three of them are alumni of Don Bosco Technical Institute, Okhla and had passed out in 1989. The institute considers it as a privileged moment indeed to have all three of them on such occasion.

Dr. Fr. Sajan M George, the Director of the institute gave the key note address and in his speech he emphasized on the importance of focussing on the goal in life to achieve success. Mr. Subhash Gautam was happy to grace the occasion as Chief Guest and he spoke very positively on the institute and was very appreciative of its training program. He also briefed on the importance of waste management and avoiding plastic material with the view of taking care of our planet earth. Mr. Roger Samuel in his speech recalled the days he had spent in the institute and told the present students and alumni present that hard work pays. Mr. Mathew Zacharia was happy to speak on the occasion and he said that you may keep shifting your jobs but make sure that you get educated enough to catch up with the fast progressing world. He also briefed on the possibilities of employment in various sectors in industry. Mr. Sunil Dutt Sharma was happy to share his experiences and told that confidence is the key to success and for this you must persevere in whatever job you are doing.

Mr. Subhash Gautam was invited the stage to confer the certificates on the trainees of the mechanical section and later of Mr. Roger too was asked to come up and continue with the conferring of the certificates. Once the mechanical section was over, the COPA trainees were conferred with the certificates. Dr. Fr. Sajan M George, Mr. Mathew Zacharia and Mr. Sunil Sharma took turns to confer the certificates on the trainees of COPA course. The trainees felt proud indeed to be part of the ceremony as they appeared on the stage in the formal dress of the convocation. It was great indeed to watch them receiving the certificates and some of the parents who were present were extremely delighted to see their wards holding their certificates proudly. During the ceremony three of the trainees were awarded with mementos for their best academic performance.

The principal was invited to give a report on the institute. The report was projected on the screen and the explanation was given. The report included the activities of the institute, the achievements, the competitions held, the tournament held, the industry collaboration of the institute, highlighting the academic performance of the trainees, success stories of the passed out trainees, the staff who joined the institute, staff training programs and so on.

The convocation ceremony was a thrilling experience due to the fact that there were lovely dances and melodious songs performed by the present trainees and everyone enjoyed the entire program which lasted a little over two hours. Mr. Vaman one of the teachers, was entrusted to propose the vote of thank and he mentioned briefly everyone involved with special thanks to the dignitaries for sparing their valuable time and contribution by way of motivating speeches.

The institute anthem was sung by a group of trainees. This was followed by the national anthem for which everyone stood up and sung the same with dignity and respect for our country.

The principal was officially invited on the stage for the closing of the convocation. He thanked the dignitaries and everyone present for making the day a memorable one indeed. He declared that the convocation ceremony of Don Bosco Technical institute being held on 17th September 2022 is closed.

The convocation ceremony was live on Facebook as well as Instagram. After the program the alumni together with the dignitaries were invited to the stage for a photo session. It was a happy and proud moment indeed for everyone.

Br. Tom C J, Principal

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