23 Feb 2023-Adventurous Day at Island

Many schools, colleges and institutes incorporate team building activities into the system to strengthen relationships and encourage staff to foster creativity. Team outings are important because they allow staff members to connect in different ways than they usually would. These activities help staff improve their performance, strengthen their relationships and get them into the right frame of mind to move on with the teaching and other activities together.

Few days back, Br. Tom, our Principal told all the staff to decide a spot for picnic. So this time we thought something out of the box and decided to visit an amusement park. A number of places came to our mind, but the first one was Adventure Island. We decided to go on a weekday, 23rd February, 2023 (Thursday) to avoid the rush. Adventure Island is located in Rohini just near the Rithala Metro Station.

We reached there around 11 in the morning and clicking group photos in front of the Island entrance was the first thing we did. Then we took the entry ticket to the Adventure Island. After the entry the first place is the Metro Walk Mall – This mall was the first type of an “Open Mall” in Delhi. Roaming around in the mall in fresh air was simply awesome.

After that there is a giant bridge that separates the Island from the Metro Walk Mall area; So you walk over the bridge and enter into Amusement Park. That Bridge was a spotlight area and we took many group photos at the giant bridge. After entering the amusement park we decided to enjoy every moment to its fullest. The amusement park was very beautifully maintained and contains many rides and attractions. One by one we experienced each and every ride and we utilized the dance platforms of the island to its fullest with our breathtaking dance moves. Our favorite ride was “The Side Winder” – It twirls and throws you up into the air, almost vertical which makes you feel something like you’re helpless in the air. After enjoying the ambience and rides for almost 3 hours, we decided to have lunch at Pind Balluchi Restaurant. Someone said that the food tastes even more delicious when you’re hungry and this statement was perfectly apt for us at that time.

Afterwards we relaxed for a while and had group discussions related to new projects and programs of our institute. Then around four o’clock in the evening we decided to wind up our thrilling outing. I would like to thank Br. Tom for organizing such a wonderful outing and I will consider this day as an “Adventurous day at Island”.

Mr. Anto Peter, COPA Instructor

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