07 Nov 2022-A life nipped in the bud

A life nipped in the bud

Anurag Kujur is the eldest son in his family. From childhood he was excellent in academics and sports as well. He was a sincere kid with a golden heart, always ready to learn new things. After he did his schooling he decided to do a course related to machines. His best option was to join DBTI. He took admission and began well. But after a few days of classes he was sick and so he had to undergo treatment. Even before joining DBTI he had some health issues but he was under treatment. While undergoing treatment in September, his condition was deteriorating day by day. He was diagnosed with tuberculosis. At first he was in a hospital in Mathura. But his health condition was getting worse. Therefore, he was shifted to another hospital in Agra where he could get better treatment. As he was getting weaker, many people came forward by way of donating blood for him as and when needed.  Everyone in the family had lot of hope in him but God had other plans for Anurag. Even on 7th morning he was talking normally to his mother. In fact, he told her that he saw some people taking a boy away with them. Was it really a signal for him that the angels were around to accompany him to heaven? At 5.30 A M on 7th November 2022 Anurag breathed his last. A life nipped in the bud indeed. May the good Lord take care of his soul and may Anurag enjoy perpetual joy and happiness in the eternal kingdom.

Ms. Alma, Past pupil, DBTI.

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