25 Aug 2022-Social media and its impacts today

On 25th August 2022 Fr. Ashok took a session on social media to all the students of DBTI. He began saying that social media is one of the most influential phenomena in the present world. He elaborated on the many uses and misuses of the social media. It helps in gaining information and news and about people who are distant. At the same time, there are certain fake news and fake information which gets circulated through social media. It is a mood of expression and gives language to the expressions. But at times there are certain cases of mis-happenings and ill uses of social media as well. Cyber-crimes and bullying in the media are some of the prevalent cases.

Everyone knows that today’s world is all about technology. Science has developed so much that the things which seemed to be impossible are now possible and easy too. We all know that the mobile is the best invention of science because it has made out lives easier than before, we can contact with someone who is miles away from us just because of mobile phone.

Today life without mobile is unthinkable. In fact, many get addicted. Addiction is a behaviour that impacts our life negatively. There are major problems faced by youngsters; loss of leisure, relationship problem, intellectual disability, texting addiction, internet dating, cyber-sex, pornography, cyber-crime, online gambling, work related digital addiction and so on.

The negative impacts are many; physical threats which cause head ache, neck pain, hack ache, insomnia, etc. Mental threats causing depression, anxiety, agitation, guilt feeling, mood swings, etc. Moral threats causing cyber-crime, use of filthy language, pornographic mentality, etc. Social threats which seclude individuals with no social activity, tendency to be alone with mobile, relationship issues with family and friends, etc. Intellectual threats; information explosion, no reading habits, technology dependence, etc.

What can be done? Frequent breaks while using the digital technology; Schedule your three meals of the day; Engage in indoor physical activities; Take care of self-hygiene; no activities 30-40 minutes before you go to sleep.

There are many advantages and uses of social media. We can take knowledge of every concept and we can clear our doubts by discussing with our elders, teachers, friends through social media. At the end of the session some students were asked to share and four of them expressed satisfaction with the input and hoped to make some changes in their way of looking at social media. The Principal thanked profusely Fr. Ashok for the valuable inputs given.

Br. Tom CJ, Principal

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