The Alumni of Don Bosco Technical Institute, Okhla, New Delhi came together to the campus on 2nd October 2022 for experience sharing, prayer experience, fun games, music and dance. There were over thirty of the seniors and about seventy juniors who passed out in recent years. Alumni associations are rife with opportunities for expanding a graduate’s professional network. Graduates have the opportunity to network with recent graduates as well as graduates several years their seniors and these connections can lead to internships, jobs, clients, partnerships and other valuable career opportunities. In addition, having an alma mater in common and being able to network via regular in-person events or online platforms makes it easier to form and maintain these valuable connections.

The core committee had several rounds of meetings to prepare for the event on 2nd October. The program of the day began at 9.30 with Holy Mass celebrated by Fr. Sajan M George, the Director of the institute. There was coffee break and registration before everyone gathered in the hall for the various events. Mr. Jaswant is the new treasurer and so he together with the help of Mr. Jayashankar did all the registrations as and when the past pupils arrived. Mr Ajit Osta, the president of the Alumni, gave an introduction to the day’s program and welcomed everyone. During the program we remembered Fr. George Nadackal and few past pupils who passed away during the past couple of years. A two-minute silence was observed as a sign of respect. There was lighting of the lamp after which Fr. Sajan M George gave the inaugural speech during which he appreciated and encouraged everyone to move ahead to make the association stronger and more effective. There were songs and dance by the current trainees who were about twenty-five. There was a group dance by the four girls who passed out just last year. A fun game was conducted for girls and Anjali was the winner and she got a prize too. Mr. Sanjeet, the new secretary, presented the report of the last two Alumni meets.

During the program, ID card for the past pupils was officially inaugurated and given out to 15 of them who were registered. Five of the senior past pupils came forward and shared their experiences and it was inspiring indeed for all those were present. Br. Tom, the delegate of the past pupils, presented two video clips; one on the training programs of the institute and the other video clip was the DBTI convocation which was held on 17th September. Br. Tom told the alumni to be bonded together and keep up the energy and passion which was being exhibited. He also briefed them regarding the scholarship fund that was created a year ago in memory of Fr. George Nadackal. Two persons had contributed to the scholarship fund at the outset and no other contributions came after that though many had promised. And so it was communicated that the account might be closed soon if no positive response from the Alumni.

The last item of the day was very energetic and full of enthusiasm as a group of senior past pupils came forwarded and presented their song with music and dance. Everyone was moved with emotion during the presentation of the songs. Br. Tom C J gave vote of thanks and during which he profusely thanked all the past and present pupils as well as all those who contributed one way or other for the day which was wonderful indeed. There was a sumptuous lunch for everyone and the same was sponsored by the alumni of 1986-89 batch.

There was a tug-o-war between past and present pupils after the lunch. The present pupils won the game. There was also a basketball match soon after that and the present pupils won the basketball match too. There was an evaluation by the core committee at 3.30 p m. Everyone appreciated the cooperation by the group and as a result the day was really successful indeed. It was pointed out that to reduce the sharing time, a PPT could be prepared on some selected past pupils and be presented digitally and the suggestion was accepted. The younger generation of past pupils both boys and girls stayed on and enjoyed dancing up to five o’clock.

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