21 Jun 2021-Visitation and Evaluation of DBTI by Provincial and Team

If qualitative education and training are something seriously desired in institutes and colleges so that standard of education and training in our institutes can be highly improved. Through visit, inspection and supervision, the inspectors and supervisors assist in improving overall performance because those managing are made more competent and efficient. Concept of supervision is a way of stimulating, guiding, improving, refreshing and encouraging and overseeing those directly involved in an institute or college. Supervision is essentially the practice of monitoring the performance, noting the merit and demerits and using befitting and amicable techniques to ameliorate the flaws while still improving on the merits thereby increasing the standard and achieving educational goals.

DBTI Okhla had its visitation and inspection by Rev. Fr. Davis M. J., the Provincial Superior, and his team from 17th to 19th June 2021. The visiting team was welcomed wholeheartedly by the management of the institute. At the outset, during the briefing, the Provincial said that his visit was to see and evaluate together with the members of the institute all the activities and programs that are going on. He also emphasized that his presence, meetings and interaction would strengthen the functioning of the institute and all the members of the same.

Prior to the inspection, each section was asked to prepare a report on the present status and the same was filed and kept ready by the Director of the institute. As part of the inspection, the team went to the mechanical, printing, computer and BCA sections to get an overall picture. Unfortunately, the students were not present due to the ongoing lockdown on account of the Pandemic. On 18th the team met the staff of the BCA section at 9.00 am in the morning. After the presentation of a brief report by Dr. Vikas Rao, the Director of the BCA section, the provincial appreciated the effort being made to take the higher education to the next level in the near future. He also emphasized that everyone needs to understand and assimilate the values which Don Bosco had given to his followers that God is supreme, loving kindness must come in the dealings with the young and to be reasonable. He met the teaching and non-teaching staff of other departments as well as during the day and had fruitful interactions. He expressed his gratitude to everyone for the effort put in to take the institute forward.

On 19th morning the provincial met some of the past pupils of the institute and interacted with them. He told them that they are part of the Don Bosco family. He exhorted them to have a little more involvement in the future especially on the occasion of the arrival on the Rector Major in November 2021 on the occasion of the Jubilee of the institute as well as of the province.

The days of visitation was an occasion for each of the Salesians to interact with the provincial to discuss matters pertaining to the institute. The inspection feedback and inputs could be used later on for the betterment of the institute by assimilating it in its functioning.

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