31 Oct 2022-Rashtriya Ekta Diwas

Don Bosco Technical Institute, Okhla, New Delhi on the occasion of National Unity day, had organized a program which included several activities. The trainees were given ample instructions and guidance regarding the importance of the day. They were all very enthusiastic and ready to take part in the program. At 2.30 PM all the trainees gathered in the playground. After the introduction one of the trainees gave a meaningful speech in which he stressed the importance of national unity in spite of various differences among people, religion, caste, and region. Fr. Sajan, the Director of the institute too addressed the trainees and gave a few words of encouragement. There was a tug-o- war organized between the staff and students in which the staff won. Thereafter there was tug-o- war between the boys and girls. Boys were allowed to use one hand only. But still the boys won the tussle. Congratulations to the winners.

 At.300 P M the trainees and staff were ready at the gate participate in the ‘Run for Unity’ activity. All started from the gate and slowly started jogging on the public road. They proceeded to pocket ‘A’ of DDA flats and then returned on the same path without much disturbing the traffic. Only one side of the road was used and the traffic police too were there to assist and guide besides the volunteers and staff of the institute. The trainees were disciplined during the run and it was really enriching and inspiring for all the participants who numbered over two hundred and twenty. After the run all were back in the institute campus for the conclusion of the program. Everyone stood up and Mr. Amit Kumar Gautam led from the front as he read out the promise which everyone repeated with raised hands. Soon after a group of students sand a song on unity which was joined by all. Br. Tom C J, the principal thanked everyone for the cooperation and smooth conduct of the program. Before the dispersal at 3.30 PM sweets were distributed to everyone.


Br. Tom C J, Principal

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